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BDSA Meeting
Adm Bldg
4:00 PM
3rd Thursday of
every month


Bermuda Dunes Security
Association (BDSA) is
responsible for streets
(potholes, cracks, street
drainage and dry wells),
Security entry/exit, patrol
vehicles, cable TV
agreement, fee collection
& payment, gates & gate
lights, medians, walls,
guardhouses and all
street/gate signage.

BDSA is managed by

Troy Reis | Association
The Management Trust
39755 Berkey Drive, Suite
A • Palm Desert, CA 92211
P: (760) 776-5100 x6343 |
F: (760) 776-5111  
The Admin Office is open
Monday thru Friday for
questions and concerns.
Admin staff can also assist
with access to the
Resident Login System

Admin hours are as

Monday 10-6
Wednesday Closed
aturday Closed         
Sunday Closed

If this is urgent, please
contact Security at:

Telephone Numbers:

Main Gate: 760-360-1322
Glass Gate: 760-772-3137
Admin Building:
Desert Resort Mgmt


Adm Bldg
4:30 PM
Bermuda Dunes
Home Owner's

Here is what
responsible for:

Bermuda Dunes
Community Association
(BDCA) is responsible for
most problems relating to
property owner's home
and lot, dogs,
landscaping, pool
draining, trash cans,
fountains and landscaping
at the main gate.

The Architectural
Committee reports to the
Community Board.

Dues are $120 per year
and are payable in
January in lump sum.

Monarch is the BDCA
management company.

You may call Monarch
Management direct at



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Today is Wednesday, May 21st, 2015
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Donna Hubenthal
for  information

760 772 9053
Paw Patrol
Information can
be found on
The Pet Place

Myoma Dunes water agency approves new drought restrictions

Another local water agency responded to Gov. Jerry Brown's mandatory water cutbacks Friday, setting
restrictions on when several thousand Coachella Valley residents can water their lawns.

Customers of the Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company are among California's highest per-capita water users,
and the nonprofit has been tasked with reducing overall consumption by 36 percent starting in June. But despite
the challenging task ahead, the agency's board of directors chose to continue charging a flat rate for water,
even as other water districts start charging more for excessive consumption.

Myoma Dunes' board of directors voted unanimously to limit lawn watering to Monday, Wednesday and Friday
before 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Customers will be allowed to water other plants during those hours any day of the

Considering how much water the agency's customers in Bermuda Dunes and parts of La Quinta use, it's also
clear they need more education on the importance of conservation, Myoma Dunes general manager Mark
Meeler said.

"Hopefully it'll help people realize where we're at," Meeler said after Friday's board meeting, referring to plans to
educate customers. "It'll get their attention a little better maybe, without having to go to fines and hitting their

Meeler also called lawns "the biggest culprit" in desert water use. With California's historic drought now in its
fourth year, the Coachella Valley's lush, oasis-like image has come under heightened scrutiny.

"As people leave for the summer, the gardeners crank up their water, because if the plants aren't green when
they come back, they fire the gardener, get a new one," he said. "I think most of what we need to do as a valley
is help educate the gardeners involved."

Myoma Dunes customers have ranked as the state's highest per-capita water users in recent months, far
outstripping customers of the Coachella Valley's other water districts. Meeler said recently revised population
numbers show that the agency's customers aren't actually the top water users in the state, but that they still rank
fifth or sixth among customers of the more than 400 water districts in the state.

Some customers at Friday's meeting questioned how Myoma Dunes will enforce its new restrictions, which are
punishable by fines as high as $500 for serial offenders. Others wondered how effective more education will be
— a key question, considering that Californians fell far short of Brown's targeted 20 percent cutbacks last year.

Pressed on those points, Meeler said that the small water company doesn't have enforcement staff, and that it
hasn't yet determined what its education efforts will look like. He also said Myoma Dunes would consider
adopting personalized water budgets, which would make it easier for the company to eventually charge
customers more for excessive use.

The Coachella Valley Water District — which serves customers in Cathedral City, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Palm
Desert and Rancho Mirage — has moved more quickly to encourage conservation through new fees. The
agency has used tiered pricing since 2009, and its board voted earlier this week to charge penalties ranging
from $2.51 to $10.03 for every 100 cubic feet that customers use beyond the reduction target of 36 percent
below their outdoor water budgets.

One Myoma Dunes customer at Friday's meeting asked how much he should roll back his water use in
response to Brown's targets. An attorney for the water company responded that it was his job to follow Myoma
Dunes' new restrictions, and that they agency would worry about complying with the state mandate.

Customers of the Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company are among California’s highest per-capita water users,
and the nonprofit has been tasked with reducing overall consumption by 36 percent starting in June. But despite
the challenging task ahead, the agency’s board of directors chose to continue charging a flat rate for water,
even as other water districts start charging more for excessive consumption.

Another customer, Tom Skinner, questioned whether the watering restrictions will really encourage
conservation. Some homeowners, he said, might just water their lawns more than usual on the days that it's

A better solution, he said, would be to encourage homeowners to let their grass go brown. That would also
allow residents to preserve vegetation that's less water-intensive than grass, like the plants he's been nurturing
for a decade.

"I can save easily 40 to 50 percent by shutting off my grass, and accomplish the 36 percent without putting my
plants at risk," he said.

The original proposals being considered by the Myoma Dunes board made no distinction between lawn
watering and other outdoor watering. But spurred by Skinner's objections, board members reconsidered,
ultimately voting that ornamental plants and other non-grass vegetation could be watered every day.

Meeler emphasized that several rules already laid out by state officials apply to Myoma Dunes customers as
well. Since last year, Californians haven't been allowed to wash down driveways and sidewalks, use hoses
without shut-off nozzles to wash their cars, and use non-recirculated potable water in fountains.

Parts of the Coachella Valley have long had some of the highest per-capita water use in California, not to
mention relatively low water rates. Like Myoma Dunes, the Coachella Valley Water District, the Desert Water
Agency and the city of Indio have been charged with cutting consumption 36 percent, relative to 2013 levels.

Local officials and water consumers have a financial interest in achieving the mandated cutbacks. Water
districts that don't meet their targets and violate state orders could face fines of up to $10,000 per day, and
those costs would likely be passed along to customers.

"We all need to work together to get this conservation to work," Meeler said. "We can't have half the people
wasting water, and half the people doing desert landscapes and conserving. That's not fair."

Water penalties

The Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company has restricted lawn watering to Monday, Wednesday and Friday
before 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Customers will be allowed to water other plants during those hours any day of the
week. Residents who violate the new rules will face the following fines:

•First violation: written warning

•Second violation: $100 surcharge

•Third violation: $200 surcharge plus 15 percent consumptive rate increase

•Fourth violation: $400 surcharge plus 25 percent consumptive rate increase

•Fifth violation: $500 surcharge and discontinuance of service

the hot sheet
Bermuda Dunes Community Council Agenda and Minutes* In Yellow
6:00 p.m. Thursday, May 14, 2015
Bermuda Dunes Community Center 78-400 Avenue 42,
Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call -
Jeff Wattenbarger - not present

Approval of the Minutes - Approved as presented

Councilmember Reports and Comments - None

Staff Reports: Presenters must direct their report to the council.  At the conclusion of the presentation,
Chair may allow questions.   Each speaker must first be recognized by the Chair.

1.       Office of Supervisor John J. Benoit  – Joe Pradetto, 760-863-8211,
 Joe reported there are short falls in the Sheriff and Fire Departments due to increased salaried.
 Departments are being audited

 A new Land Use Ordinance will outlaw turf grass in front yards. Only desert landscaping
 will be allowed.

 Vacation Rental Ordinance - In Progress - Joe suggested people with particular problems
 write him a letter.

  Desert Recreation District will begin running our BD Community Center.

2.       Sheriff’s Department – Lt. Johnny Rodriguez, 760-863-8990,

  Lt. Johnny Rodriuez gave a report. Mail theft has increased in Bermuda Dunes
3.       CAL Fire – Battalion Chief Eddy Moore, 760-540-1878,
 Not present

4.       Code Enforcement – Francisco Mendez,760-393-3344,
 Not present

5.       Other Departments

New Business: Presenters must direct their report to the council.  At the conclusion of the presentation,
Chair may allow questions.   Each speaker must first be recognized by the Chair.

1.       Project: JFK Medical Office Building – Parcel Map 36837
a.       Recommendation:
b.       Background:
c.       Location: 41120 Washington Street, Indio, CA (Southeast Corner of Washington St. and 41st
d.       APN Number(s) 607-070-018
e.       Planning Department Case Number(s): Parcel Map 36837 & Plot Plan 25686
f.        Status within Riverside County Planning office: Land Development Committee (LDC) date
December 11, 2014
g.       County Planner: Jay Olivas, 760-863-7050,
h.       Zoning/General Plan (GP) Designation: R-3-4000, Medical Professional Office
i.         Will you be requesting a zone/GP designation change? No
j.         Total square feet of building(s)? 30,192 SF Gross, 24,186 SF leasable
k.       An ADVISORY ACTION/VOTE of Community Council members is required before Director’s
Hearing (DH), Planning Commission (PC) or Board of Supervisor (BOS) reviews.
l.         Contact information for the developer making the presentation
1.       Kip Dubbs – Omni West Group, 949.215.9790 ext. 242 office,  714-336-2433 cell,   website:

 ACTION:  Approved, Vote 4 yes, 1 absent

2.       Direction: Overlay Revise

a.       Recommendation: Discuss direction for pursuing revisions to the Overlay.
b.       Background: At the March 12, 2015, Bermuda Dunes Community Council meeting, council
members requested an item to discuss revising the Bermuda Dunes Neighborhood Preservation
Overlay Standards (Overlay). The Overlay provides enhanced code enforcement standards for the
community of Bermuda Dunes. This includes stricter standards for parking, yard maintenance and
street appearances than what applies to other unincorporated communities.

Public opinion on the Overlay appears to be split. Some residents have criticized the Overlay for being
too relaxed, whiles others consider it overly strict.

The language of the Overlay ordinance may be reviewed here: https://www.municode.

   ACTION: Joe advised that Supervisor has suggested that we wait on this as it is very         

3.       Direction: Median Maintenance Assessment

a.       Recommendation: Discuss and provide direction for pursuing an assessment district to fund
median improvements and maintenance.
b.       Background: In 2009 residents voted down a proposal to create and maintain decorative street
signs, community entrance signs, landscaped medians and a park. Since then, the median on certain
parts of Avenue 42 have gone without a dedicated funding source for improvements and maintenance.
A group of residents recently wrote to Supervisor Benoit requesting improved landscaping in the
medians. This item is going to the community council to gauge interest in pursuing an assessment
district to pay for the requested improvements.

ACTION: Joe was directed by the BCCC to proceed forward with median assessment for desert
  maintenance and plants. This will also include the proposed park where the
  Desert Christian School is now located.

4.       Announcement: The Coachella Valley Irrigated Lands Coalition will hold a workshop to help
owners and operators of irrigated land to comply with the new order. The workshop will be from 3 – 5 p.
m., Tuesday, June 16, 2016, at CVWD’s Forbes Auditorium (51501 Tyler Street, Coachella, CA).
Contact Lorrie Cooper at 760 837-7901 or for more information.
a.       Background: The Colorado River Basin Regional Water Control Board (CRBRWCB) issued an
order requiring owners and operators of irrigated (canal & well) lands larger than 5 acres to develop a
groundwater monitoring plan. These plans can be developed by individuals or by a coalition on behalf a
large group of individuals. Failure to comply with the order could result in up to a $1,000 per day fine.

The Coachella Valley Irrigated Lands Coalition (CVILC) formed in 2013 as a regional coalition to help
farmers comply with the new order, saving them time and money. Instead of developing their own
discharge plans, framers may join the CVILC.  According to the CRBRWCB, CVILC is the only existing
coalition in the Coachella Valley.  A copy of the Order and membership forms can be found at www.

Public comments:

All persons wishing to address the Council on items not specifically on the agenda or on matters of
general interest should do so at this time.  Please limit your remarks to 3 minutes.

James Garrison presented a letter to the BDCC regarding his concerns about compliance
to our Overlay Program with regards to vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, etc., not being
put in storage units.  Neighbors are parking them in their yards and on the grass.

Council Member Jacob Alvarez suggested that we (as a Community) start working with our
Sheriff's Department to help get citizens involved in programs to encourage a safe and
friendly environment for children and our older people.

Robert Nelson suggested that we start a 'grass roots' program which would include everyone
in Bermuda Dunes. BDCC will encourage people to get connected and become a more
caring and friendly community.

Two Bermuda Dunes Council members, Donna Hubenthal and Jacob Alvarez will work with
Janet McMurtrey and Cheryl Isen to discuss how we can get the message out to the
community. We will meet during the summer to have a program in place when Council meets
on September 10th.

Lee Miller, Council member for 10 years resigned. He thanked everyone for their attendance for
all the years and said he thoroughly enjoyed serving our Community.

Agenda Items for next meeting

1.       Rotation of Officers
2.       Median Assessment Review
3.       Council Committee - Will present their Program for communication to community

Adjourn meeting

2015 meeting schedule: Jan 8, Mar 12, May 14, Sept 10, Nov 12      
(Additional meetings may be added if an urgent issue warrants input from the community council and/or

Donna Hubenthal
Term Expiring
June 30, 2017

Jim Snellenberger
Term Expiring
June 30, 2017

Jeff Wattenbarger
Term Expiring
June 30, 2015

Jacob Alvarez
Vice Chair
Term Expiring
June 30, 2017

You are invited to a special event sponsored by DHSCV and co-hosted by The Living Desert.

We have assembled a panel to give you an opportunity to learn more about how to best manage
your garden water needs given the new restrictions.  Bring your questions and join the discussion.

Drought, Water Restrictions and Your Garden

Tuesday, June 2nd at 3:00 PM at The Living Desert in the Chase Board Room

The panel will consist of two desert garden specialists, Kirk Anderson and Paul Ortega.  Also
there will be representatives from the Coachella Valley Water District, Desert Water Agency,
Indio Water Authority and Mission Springs Water District.  And finally, Jessyca Frederick, of
Water Wise Now will be there to answer irrigation questions.  

The event is free and open to the public, but space is limited.  Please register: DHSCV website,
Will the blog be out early this week?
I need to borrow a baby crib and a pack and play for a seven-month-old that is
arriving Thursday.
Or do you know someone that might have one. Thank you

Barbara Smith 760-360-2932
Window Cleaner?

Looking for a good and reasonable window cleaner... Any recommendations?

Sonia Parra from North La Quinta

Hi Sonia:

Check out Randall's Window Cleaning
760 835-8274,
Ask for Greg
He has both qualities for which you are looking.
Click on The List, Then Click on 'W' for Window Cleaning
Mrs. B.
Predator Bird - Washington/Fred Waring Area
Shelley Smith from Las Brisas

Yesterday as I was pulling out of my garage a black bird, that was so large that in my
rear view mirror I thought it was a person, flew past/close to my SUV rear window, about
48" above the ground. Upon the near collision it made a quick U-turn and It was at that
point that I saw small red-haired furry something (little dog, little cat) in it's mouth. I drove
after it hoping it would drop the animal but it was off and beyond reach before I knew it.
Just a reminder that there are air-borne predators out there, even mid-day, so keep an
eye on your little furry ones even when secured behind a backyard gate.

Hi Shelley:

Thanks for reminding us - keep small animals in your yard.

Home Watch

If anyone is leaving their home for a period of time please contact the people at Home
Watch. They will check your electricity, thermostats, lights, toilets, golf carts, cars,
water indoor plants, air out your home, and so much more.

Please call them at 760-347-5900.

Steve Geracimos
On your birthday, we wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and
beautiful memories.
Hello BlogFolks,

I am new to the community and I wanted to offer my services as a Notary to the residents of the CC.  

I have been a traveling Notary and a certified loan signing agent for over 12 years now and have just
moved to Riverside County from San Mateo County.  I have been background screened and I am bonded
and insured.

Being a traveling Notary we usually charge a travel fee to travel to your location.   What I would like to
offer to the Bermuda Dunes CC residents is a free travel  fee within the community.  (My house warming
gift to you).  I will come to you and only charge the standard fee of $10 for each notarized signature.  If
you would like to come to my home for your notary needs that is also acceptable to me.  I live on Saint
Thomas Dr.

My webpage on goggle is  My webpage has not been updated since my move in
March but should be shortly.  Until then you can still obtain some good information about notary services
on that site.

If you are in need of Notary Services please contact me.  My name is Brigitte and you can reach me at

Hoping to meet with you soon.

Bay Area Notary 2 Go

Hi Brigitte:

Thanks for introducing yourself to our community. We will add your services to our List. Click
on 'N' for Notary.

Mrs. B

The 11th Annual Lavender Festival will be held June 13-14,
June 20-21, 2015, 10am-6pm

Every June, we welcome visitors to explore the property of Highland Springs Resort and Lavender

Every June, Highland Springs Resort celebrates the beginning of lavender harvest season by
hosting the annual Lavender Festival (typically on the second and third weekend in June). Offering
family-friendly events and activities, visitors are invited to stroll through the winding paths of organic
lavender fields and participate in guided tours in horse-drawn hay wagons. Attend a distillation
demonstration to see how lavender is grown, harvested and processed.

Lavender Festival

The organic herbs grown at Highland Springs Resort are featured prominently throughout the
festival. The organic marketplace showcases specialty items including lavender honey, lavender
balsamic vinegar and essential oils. Refreshing lavender-inspired favorites such as lavender
lemonade, lavender ice cream and lavender lattes are also available for purchase.

Lavender Bar

Guests are encouraged to pull up a chair at the shaded dining area by the concert stage to relax,
dine and enjoy live performances. Fresh salads, sandwiches and a variety of items from the grill are
available after exploring the grounds of the historic festival grounds. An area dedicated to kids’
activities offers crafts, a petting zoo, horseshoe tossing and croquet.  For more details please visit

10600 Highland Springs Ave

Cherry Valley, CA 92223

(951) 845-1151
Our Purpose

Big Wigz is on its way to revolutionizing the game of golf. Big Wigz skins are the newest and creative
way for golfers to express their personality while teeing it up. The skin personalizes the driver head
through a non-permanent self adhesive vinyl with a high resolution graphic or logo. The skin adheres
to and completely covers the top surface of the driver, giving the club a new "paint" like finish. Big Wigz
was created because we were tired of seeing the same black drivers.  On a non permanent basis  we
can now bring a new sense of personality and creativity to your game. We are at the beginning of our
journey, but we have a clear vision of how we will add STYLE-PASSION & CONFIDENCE to every
golfer who tees it up.

Quick Facts

Conforms to USGA Rules

Adds 2-3 grams of weight(average 460cc driver weighs 200grams)
Does not damage the top surface of the club
Serves as a layer of protection from "sky marks" and small scratches
You will be playing with Style and Personality
Where We Are Heading

The Big Wigz Skins Company has big aspirations and an endless amount of ideas to keep our
products cool and original. Stay connected with us, because new Big Wigz designs are always being
created. We also understand everyone has their own style, so customize your next skin by using our
Custom Uploader. Or let us know what you would want your next Big Wigz skin to look like at


One of the perks of volunteering at The Living Desert is getting to meet new people. Marie
Blackstock along with Veronica Rosales, stopped in to pick up some tickets for this event. It
was such a pleasure to meet them. After talking with Marie and Veronica, I am going to go to
this event. Check it out - and consider going yourself!

Alive Again! Positive Living Seminars
By Alive Again! LIVE Positive Living Event (OTHER EVENTS)
FRI, MAY 29 2015
2:00 PM

SAT, MAY 30 2015
6:00 PM

The first Alive Again Positive Living LIVE event is coming to Palm Springs on May 29th and 30th!!

Our 2-day seminar features CELEBRITY and DYNAMIC MOTIVATIONAL speakers, interactive
presentations, music, relaxing upscale environment, ways to release fears, tips for daily positive
living, a beautiful buffet lunch served in Bellatrix Restaurant that features amazing views of the
Classic Club Golf Course, host of the Bob Hope Invitational, waterfalls and the mountains of Palm
Springs. We'll even throw in a free gift bag of products & services plus some love & hugs to make you
feel right at home!


Each presenter has years of experience in living a daily life of positivity and will share what they’ve
learned, what works and doesn’t work, as well as connect with you in an intimate environment for a
truly individualized experience.

The Alive Again! Positive Living Event is orchestrated to give attendees permission to release that
which no longer serves them.  They will walk awaywith life tools and motivation to immediately take
life back into their own hands and start living positively as soon as possible!

Our featured speakers will be available after their presentations to answer questions, autograph
books, have a photo taken and provide great big hugs to you!


by Keynote speaker, Mg Blackstock: Embracing Your Divine Light

Meg is not only the Founder and Executive Producer of Alive Again Positive Living; but also a
spiritual teacher, , intuitive empath and life coach.  Known as Marie to her friends, she will grasp a
hold of your heart as she shares her journey through a lifetime of food addiction, depression, anxiety
and grief which transitioned into letting go of her fears to live a daily life of happiness, freedom and
having a heart filled with Divine Light!

LOVE by Celebrity Landscaper, TV Host & co-creator of DIY Network's Yard Crashers,
Ahmed Hassan

In 2007, Ahmed began hosting gardening shows for DIY Network.  Having been featured on several
episodes of HGTV’s “Landscape Smart”, Ahmed was sought after to become a network host for sister
network DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network.  In 2008 he and his team surprised homeowners and viewers
with customized residential landscapes and upgraded homes on DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers”.

Following a series of hosting stints for numerous DIY Network shows including, “The Dirt On…,”
“Green Me Up” and “Blog Cabin,” the network created the Yard Crashers series around Ahmed’s
authentic high energy, motivational spirit and his love of people and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Ahmed will be presenting his thoughts on LOVE based on his new book by the same name. He will
share that love is an inside job and it begins with love of self.

LAUGHTER by Celebrity Comedienne, Jason Love

Jason’s quick wit and self-deprecating approach have endeared him to audiences the world over,
from the Hollywood Improv to Carolines on Broadway to the Comic Strip in Edmonton. He has
performed overseas for the troops and on the seas for cruise lines. Jason was a finalist at the Cabo
Comedy Festival and at the World Series of Comedy in Vegas.  Says L.A. Weekly: “Jason Love is
comedy that brings people together.”

Media credits include Comedy Central, HBO, Laughs on Fox, Last Comic Standing, Comics
Unleashed, NuvoTV, Sirius XM, Rooftop Comedy, and over 20 TV commercials.

Did you know? The activation of your own internal pharmacy to balance endorphins, boost immune
system, and improve blood flow is done through laughter!

SUCCESS by Minister and motivational speaker, Jason Britt: Batter Up

Jason has spent many years of his life motivating people. He is a noted author, motivational speaker,
and spent years as a minister, and later, a business leader. Jason believes that everyone is put here
for a purpose, and seeks to help them find that purpose by drawing on the parallels truths that run
between business and life. His stories of triumph, defeat, and hope have inspired people for years.
Funny, engaging, and personal, his talks are relevant and provide people with real life take-aways
that they can immediately put to use.

TRANQUILITY by Spiritual Teacher & Author, Ray Morgovan: Chakra Meditation

Ray is both our emcee and a dynamic spiritual teacher who will introduce you to basic meditation,
chakras and color therapy. He will conduct a full Chakra Meditation at the start of our Saturday
morning program which will assist you in immediately relaxing, releasing and embracing tranquility in
your daily life.

I would like to recommend a great window cleaning business.

Two Mom's window cleaning. Dede is my good friend and does a great job. Here is
her # 760 574-0030

Sherry Silver

Thanks for sending us this vendor. Look for Dede on The List, Click on  'W' for Window
Note from Mrs. Blogfolks

I would like to recommend a great hair stylist.

Her name is Leticia Gonzales and her phone number is 760 895 3603

Leticia is a wonderful woman who has been working at the Bermuda Dunes Country
Club while she got her certification as a professional hair stylist.

Please give her a call.

Mrs. B

You can find Leticia on our List, Click on 'B' Beauty
Change your thoughts and you change your world.
~Norman Vincent Peale

Compliance Update

The Coachella Valley Water District Board of Directors has determined that groundwater
treatment is the best solution to meet California’s new chromium-6 drinking water standard.
Groundwater treatment was selected over treating Colorado River water after thorough
research, cost analysis and consultation with experts.

Within the next few years, 30 of the district’s 96 wells will be equipped with ion-exchange
treatment technology to remove chromium-6, a naturally occurring mineral. A centralized facility
will also be built to help reduce the ongoing cost of the treatment process, and may be used by
other Coachella Valley water agencies as a regional resource. Even though the Board of
Directors selected the lowest cost compliance option, district staff estimates that average
customer bills will increase by about $30-$50 per month, just to comply with this new standard.

New Compliance Period, Pending Legislation

Earlier this year, Senator Ben Hueso introduced SB 385 – a bill that would allow for a five-year
compliance period as agencies work towards building the facilities needed to treat chromium-6.
CVWD supports this legislation, as it will help keep compliance costs as low as possible without
delaying compliance, or changing the standard in any way. If you’re interested in showing your
support – our template letter is available online.

CVWD is committed to meeting all state and federal drinking water regulations, and to
communicating openly and transparently with our customers and community partners.

Please feel free to share your input and learn more by visiting
Coachella Valley Water District
Chromium-6 Update
Coachella Valley Water District • (760) 398-2651 •

Thanks to energy costs it's becoming very costly to own a home here in BDCC and it's already becoming
impossible to sell a home in BDCC.....  Take a look at the statistics of homes listed vs. homes sold in any
given period. It's shocking and scary. No one wants to live here -- most homes don't sell..... Wonder why....

And then there are the reports of how "Myoma Dunes" water consumption is among the highest..... and so
therefore our rates are no doubt going to climb even as we reduce consumption.

And then today's Desert Sun article re solar. Thanks to the wise minds at the various BD homeowners'
associations and Associa (who the hell elected them???), we lead the pack in being obstructionist in the
use of solar.....

SO depressed that I bought a home here.... It's not like it's a high-class joint or anything.....

Please don't use my name!

Hello and Thanks for your comments.

I have posted the article you refer to in The Desert Sun below, so that everyone knows exactly
what we are discussing.

First of all, let me comment on your frustration of homes not selling, Myoma Dunes water
consumption and lastly solar.

There are things in the works right now that will, hopefully, help our community. I am not free at
this moment to discuss the options that will soon become available. However, if all goes well -
help is on the way. Try not to despair. We are all in the same boat.

You are correct we are not a first-class joint - and that is the reason we chose to live here. We love
the open spaces, we love the fact that all homes are not identical, we are close to shopping, the
freeway entrance and we have a beautiful golf course that adds to the value of our property.
Whether or not we live on the course, one cannot deny the value it adds. Without it, we would all
be out here in the sand with nothing.

Homes all over the valley have not been selling like they used to. A fact, pure and simple. Do I
wish it was different? You betcha. But the fact remains, it is what it is!

Myoma Dunes water consumption. If we are using more than we should, then let's cut back. Just
like the rest of the valley. We have certainly altered our watering, our showers are shorter, we
wash our clothes later than earlier; same with our dishwasher. We water our yard M, W, F.
Honestly, it makes me feel good that I am trying to help our valley during this drought.

I cut and pasted this from the article above about Myoma Water

Myoma BOD's comments: 'But despite the challenging task ahead, the agency's board of directors chose to
continue charging a flat rate for water, even as other water districts start charging more for excessive

Think positively - it works!

With respect to solar power - Ron Rowell is a good friend of mine. However, I do feel that a fee of
$3000 is too high of a deposit that will be refunded within a week. I am sure there are people in
our community that cannot afford to pay that amount. Ron is a reasonable person, perhaps we can
try to see if it could be reduced.

I can see that there would a need to have some oversight when installing solar panels.

We have friends who live in another state with no HOA. T heir neighbor installed the panels as
close to their property line as they could. I can tell you - it is NOT a pleasant sight. They had no
recourse other than to ask the neighbor to relocate them. They did approach their neighbor who
simply said 'we like them there.' They no longer speak to them.

I am on the Bermuda Dunes Community Council and we have been working very hard to get
improvements made on the medians on Avenue 42. Within the next 6 months this should be in the

We can fix anything - if we work together as a community. I truly believe that...

Ted Lorenzen didn't think it would be a struggle to go solar. The longtime Palm Springs resident decided
to generate his own electricity when he realized it would save him money, and he got approval from
Southern California Edison for Hot Purple Energy, a local company, to install 24 panels on his flat roof.

His homeowners association was another story.

Lorenzen received a letter last month from Associa Desert Resort Management, the management
company for the Versailles Homeowners Association, telling him his application for solar panels had been
denied. The letter cited "roof warranty, maintenance, sitewide implementation and other issues involving
the common area" as the reasons for the denial. He had no idea what that meant.

"It's a joke, basically. It's ridiculous," Lorenzen said.

As solar panels have proliferated across the Coachella Valley — six of the valley's nine cities installed at
least one megawatt of rooftop solar last year — homeowners associations are proving an unexpected
obstacle for some residents. Some associations require members to pay application fees and deposits as
large as $3,000 before going solar, and others make it difficult for members to install solar panels at all.

No homes in this April aerial view of a portion of the Bermuda Dunes Country Club have solar installed. (Photo: Jay Calderon/The
Desert Sun)

Representatives from several homeowners associations that have frustrated prospective solar customers
told The Desert Sun that they aren't opposed to solar, and that they're simply trying to do what's best for
their communities. The fees and deposits, they said, are standard for all construction projects.

Some homeowners who have struggled to go solar, though, see more nefarious motivations. Bobbi
Monahan, who lives in Monterey Country Club in Palm Desert, said her homeowners association recently
made clear to her she couldn't go solar, in part because it didn't want any panels visible from the golf
course or the street.

"It's really a terrible restriction," Monahan said. "I tried to do solar, I want to do solar, and I just can't."

There are hundreds of homeowners associations in the Coachella Valley, and it's unclear how many
make it difficult to go solar. But officials at Renova Solar, the valley's largest locally based solar company,
say the problem is widespread.

"Many customers, I think, are sort of intimidated by their HOA, and so they don't want to get in a fight with
them, because they know they could reject future improvements to the home or cause them grief," said
Patrick Sheehan, Renova's vice president of sales. "A lot of them are bullies."

Sheehan pointed to California's Solar Rights Act, originally passed in 1978 and amended last year, as an
important tool for prospective solar customers sparring with their homeowners associations. The law
prevents HOAs from imposing restrictions on proposed solar systems that would decrease their electricity
output by more than 10 percent, or that would increase the cost to the homeowner by more than $1,000.

Part of the problem is that many homeowners associations don't have specific policies for responding to
solar applications. The Versailles Homeowners Association, which recently rejected Lorenzen's
application, has started discussing solar guidelines but isn't close to a resolution, according to the
association's president, John Allen.

"We've touched on it. We haven't really looked at it too much in depth, other than at the moment we're
doing major roofing projects, and we're trying to consider the ramifications it would have on any
installations of a solar panel system, and how this would be applied to the various types of architecture
we have on the site," Allen said.

Allen cited several potential concerns with rooftop solar panels, including maintenance, insurance and
inspection of the community's new roofing. Part of the reason that the association's board hasn't had
more in-depth discussions yet, he said, is that it only meets once every other month.

"It's obviously not an issue that's going to go away," Allen said. "Solar is a major interest not only in this
valley but elsewhere, and we realize that."

Record year for solar, with California leading the pack

Even when homeowners associations have no problem approving solar installations, they often charge
fees and deposits that frustrate homeowners. Data on 51 homeowners associations compiled by Renova
Solar shows application fees as high as $300, and refundable deposits as high as $3,000.

Homeowners associations generally require application fees and deposits for all construction projects,
and many say they charge the same amount for solar as they do for other projects. The refundable
deposits, they say, provide insurance in case a contractor damages a community's common areas.

Ron Rowell, president of the Bermuda Dunes Community Association, said his association's $3,000
deposit for large rooftop solar installations is necessary because some contractors have done poor
installations in the past. Among the problems, he said, have been "eyesores" that neighbors have
complained about.

"The deposit is only there for a week if they do it right," Rowell said. "We feel like it's reasonable, and it
gives everybody the same treatment."

Patrick Kelley, left, and Leif Soderlind of Renova Solar install two solar inverters in Darlene
Montgomery’s garage at the Bermuda Dunes Country Club on May 14, 2015.High application fees and
deposits don't necessarily discourage solar.

The Indian Ridge Homeowners Association charges a $275 fee and a $2,500 deposit for solar. Of the
1,068 homes controlled by the homeowners association and the connected planned unit development,
about 100 have solar panels, according to Mitzi Mills, the association's general manager.

Still, some homeowners see high application fees and deposits as an unfair deterrent to going solar.
Linda Roth, a member of the Bermuda Dunes Community Association who recently had solar panels
installed by Renova, said the $300 application fee is enough to negate an entire year of savings for
some members of her community.

Roth also took issue with the $3,000 deposit, saying that solar installations are fundamentally different
from the intensive construction projects that homeowners associations are worried about.

"It's a clean job. It's not like putting a pool in — there's no dirt, water, chemicals," she said. "And besides
that, it's solar. We need to do this."

Roth and her neighbor, Darlene Montgomery, pushed back against the Bermuda Dunes Community
Association's $3,000 deposit. But the association insisted that the size of a deposit should correspond
to the cost of a solar project — a position that Montgomery said made no sense because she and Roth
planned to lease their systems from Renova at no up-front cost.

Ultimately, Roth and Montgomery paid the $300 fee and put down the $3,000 deposit. Work on
Montgomery's system began last week.

"We're all trying to save energy and water, and shame on you for not supporting it," Montgomery said. "I
wouldn't wish this on anybody who's trying to put solar in."

Part of the problem, she said, is that her homeowners association doesn't have clear guidelines
spelling out standards for solar installations. Renova officials see a lack of guidelines as a common
problem, saying many homeowners associations are behind the time.

"Before, it was a cottage industry. One guy on the block was doing it," Sheehan said, referring to the
solar industry. "Now every other guy on the block is doing it."

Going solar? In Coachella Valley, plenty of choices

Some local solar companies say they rarely deal with homeowners associations that are hostile to solar,
even when those associations are touchy about aesthetics. Representatives from Hot Purple Energy,
Planet Solar and Southern California Energy Alternatives said most associations they've dealt with are

But when homeowners associations do throw up obstacles to solar, it can frustrate and confuse their
members. Lorenzen said that of the Versailles Homeowners Association's 100-plus homes, he doesn't
know of any that have solar.

"I think what they're thinking is, if I get it, there are going to be a lot of other people that are going to want
it," he said. "There are going to be solar panels all over."

Solar fees

Data on 51 homeowners associations compiled by Renova Solar shows solar application fees as high as
$300, and refundable deposits as high as $3,000. Here are some of the Coachella Valley homeowners
associations that require the largest deposits for solar:

•Bermuda Dunes (fee: $300; deposit: $3,000) (for systems that cost more than $25,000)

•Bighorn (fee: $250; deposit: $1,000)

•Chaparral (fee: $25; deposit: $1,000)

•Indian Ridge (fee: $275; deposit: $2,500)

•Ironwood (fee: $50; deposit: $1,000)

•Mirada (fee: $350; deposit: $2,000)

•Miravista at Mission Hills (fee: $25; deposit: $1,000)

•Mission Hills East (fee: $100; deposit: $2,000)

•Montelena (fee: $35; deposit: $2,500)

•Parc Andreas (deposit: $2,500)

Source: Renova Solar
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Jodi Freeman from Indian Springs

Please make note of this word of caution regarding Leasing Solar Panels on your home. I am in
the electrical industry and can relate a number of very worrisome issues with Leasing. IF you ever
intend to sell your property with Leased Solar equipment installed, you will not be able to close the
sale until you either transfer the lease to the new Owner or buy out the Lease. If the purchasers do
not want to pay for the solar equipment or assume the Lease, your sale will be stopped cold. This
is not something most Leasing Firms discuss when looking at the cost of new Solar Installations.
Ken Freeman

Jane Bloom from Las Brisas

Speaking of selling your house. You can also have the solar panels moved to your new home for a
reasonable fee so long as the new home is n the same utility's area.
Paul Tiszai

Tear out your lawn and put in rock or desert landscape and cap your sprinklers. You can do the
majority of the work to save money and save water. Also artificial turf is a great drought option
and there are government sponsored loans available for homeowners to invest in energy saving
products such as turf. Check with your water utility provider also - some are offering a per
square foot rebate to tear out real grass. Unfortunately brown lawns are here to stay but you do
have some options. Check with your HOA to see if they have any recommendations as well, they
might be able to help and it is in their best interest to help homeowners and the community deal
with this drought.
Just spoke with Myoma to get clarification on usage. Lawns can only be watered MWF. Roses,
gardens can be watered more often with the hose.

1 "unit" of water is 748 gallons. I just got a wake-up call on my usage and was shocked. I didn't
think we were using that much water. I'm embarrassed to say how much. I just turned on the
sprinklers today and they were off since Thursday evening. I think I might have a busted sprinkler
somewhere, because some of my lawn has already dried up from not watering.
Norm Perry

Knowing from past experience, not watering for 1 day in mid summer can kill all but the stronger
trees and shrubs. These restrictions are a death warrant for our grass, plants and flowers. My
sprinklers are tied into watering grass and flowers. If one dies so does the other. Don't have time to
water everyday by hand. If my grass and vegetation dies with this limited use then why water 3
days a week and waste the water?

These restrictions must be thought up in Northern California where it would be feasible to live
under these guidelines. Completely ridiculous for this area! I think the penalties will cost me less
than the repairs to my property after this drought ends.
Get an experienced irrigation guy out to create a couple of new circuit/stations for your flowers and
scrubs that can operate SEPARATE from your lawn sprinklers.
Male. Smallest of all puppies.

The following speaks for itself.

These beautiful puppies and their Mom deserve better than this!

(I wish I could get my hands around the neck of the people who left this dog in a dump)!

Rescued Pups & Mama Available for Adoption

I volunteer with a wonderful local dog rescue - Recently someone dumped their dogs,
literally, at the dump. The humane society was called and managed to capture two of them, but one of
them - almost ready to deliver her pups - ran off. She was fed by a local worker, who called our rescue
group. We helped Mama Blanca deliver all 14 of her pups, each one healthy and perfect and adorable,
and we have been caring for them all since. They and Mama will be ready for their forever homes at the
end of this month.

Mama Blanca is SO sweet, gentle, and loving. She has been fostered at a volunteer's casita, and even
though she was carrying, then delivering, 14 pups, she never had even one single accident in it. She
loves to cuddle, puts her paw on your leg to ask you to pet her, and has been nothing but sweet and
gentle throughout all of this. We all love her!

The pups are a-dorable and super sweet and cuddly! Each one unique and special, and almost ready for
their new family. I can arrange a meeting, or even come to you, if you have one you are particularly
interested in, and would like to meet.

If you are looking for a new furry family member, won't you consider adopting one of these rescues? If
you have any questions, please ask here, inbox me, email me at, find on facebook, or head to to read more about them, and fill out an
adoption application. There will be an adoption event at LaQuinta PetSmart on May 30th from 11-3 ---
IF there are any pups left for adoption at that time.
There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
~Ben Williams
“Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude
towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”
― Milan Kundera